Ace Gaming CS Bi-Weekly | Edition #1

Wed 20th Jul 2016 - 8:17am Gaming


ESEA | (4-0)


Ace Gaming (16) - (5) Six Sense | Mirage | 09/24/2015

With Mirage being the most played map through out the rest of the season, it is good news to see Ace dominating on it. This 16-5 victory consisted of a an 11-4 terrorist side, which is no small feat. Brad ‘feNeK’ Fodor finished the 21 round affair with 28 frags and an impressive 2.33 kill death ratio. The match page can be found here.

Ace Gaming (16) - (14) Tectonic | Train | 09/17/2015

Ace comes ahead in a nail-biter against a team consisting of Luckey, pauLy, impsta, zecK and dmize. Although, counter-strike is considered a team game, there was a notable performance by Sean ‘sav’ Savoie who dropped 34 frags and maintained a 1.9 kill death ratio. The match page can be found here.

Upcoming Matches

Ace Gaming vs eLevate | Mirage | 09/27/15

Ace Gaming vs Astral Authority | Cobblestone | 10/01/15


CEVO | (10-1)


eX Gaming (16) - (12) Ace Gaming | (Cache) | 09/24/2015

eX Gaming prominently displayed how strong there terrorist side Cache is, after picking up 12 of the 13 rounds played in the second half of the game. Although this broke our perfect record, we still remain a top the standings and plan to continue to do so. The match page can be found here.

Ace Gaming (16) - (13) Noble eSports | (Overpass) | 09/22/2015

Against an ex-Luminosity Gaming player Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom and his crew, Ace managed an incredible comeback. We were down 13-7 on our counter-terrorist half and rallied back off after incredible plays by each and every player to win out the last 9 rounds. If you would like to view VOD and match page both are available here.

Upcoming Matches

Ace Gaming vs Leader-1 | Overpass | 09/28/2015

Ace Gaming vs TrifectaGG | Dust 2 | 09/30/2015

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