ACE GAMING welcomes new members in the organization

Wed 20th Jul 2016 - 8:39am Gaming

Although the first season of ESL-ESEA Pro / CEVO-Pro league didn’t go as expected for Ace Gaming, they never gave up and fought until the end. After a good run at the ESWC Canadian qualifiers, but ultimately losing in the tie-breaker map of the grand finals, both the management and the players took a step back and the time needed to decide about this upcoming season. While everyone is in good terms, the roster was disbanded and parted ways with the organization. We would like thank ACE’s former players and wish them the best in their respective projects.

Of the five first members, only P-O ‘’PEX’’ Crepin will remain to lead the team in his new roles as a General Manager and a coach. With 8 ESEA championships under his belt, we have full confidence that PEX will help the organization reach new heights and bring the players to their full potential.

His first move was to pick up the up & coming squad consisting of Sean ”sav” Savoie , Jonathan ” n0swal” Lawson , Brad ”rabbit” Fodor , Jimmy ”Marved” Nguyen  and Chris ”cJ” Jones. They are a young, full of potential, dedicated and currently sit at the top of their ESEA division; UNDEFEATED.

“With their current streak online and their recent win at the AMD ExtravaLANza over other proven and experienced players such as steel, a2z, & co., these guys are really becoming the new team to watch for!” said PEX.

“We are very excited for this season as ACE will be competing in ESEA-Premier, competing in the CEVO-Pro placement tourney and attending multiple events.”

Make sure to watch their first appearance within the higher sphere of NA CS as the team will play against mOE_tv’s Aviato in the CEVO-Pro placement tonight @ 9:00 PM EDT.




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    Bremont and Endure Grylls

    When Carry Grylls wore ALT1-P2 in the TV show " Man As opposed to Wild" (Man Vs Wild), a Bremon watch made an appearance on TV for the first time. He demonstrated that the musical instrument can keep program him in the process of progressing under extreme conditions, vacationing through remote areas in addition to returning to civilization again. Typically the ALT2-P was originally suitable for pilots, but its accuracy, lucidity and performance on the wrist regarding Bear Grylls quickly proven that it is an ideal companion intended for land and sky. high quality replica watches


    Chips and Giles English (Nick and Giles English) possibly met Bear in London ahead of they became famous inside the television world, and they became adoringly obsessed with the passion of his / her life. Since then, they have been colleagues, and Bear Grylls is usually believed to have a large number of Bremont watches. He also enjoyed in testing the brand's three-part case made with their famous Trip-Tick construction engineering.


    Bremont as well as Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman

    Soon after Bremont and Bear Grylls came out on TV, Ewan McGreggor and also Charley Boorman put them on their particular In the motorcycle TV show " The Long Road". Boorman is another long-term friend of the trademark and also participated in the analyze of its three-part event. He then introduced them to their good friend Ewan, and they most wore their watches unique epic adventure in the planting season of 2007. These wrist watches have not even been published yet!


    All these watches are now known as ALT1-C, which have been proven to be beaten via off-road and muddy tracks for 4 consecutive several weeks, so they are as long-lasting and durable as the brand pledges. The dial decorated using Superluminova is easily recognizable in low light conditions. Since then, Bremont and Charley Boorman are actually good friends and he is still often the spokesperson of the brand. 

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